About us

The company Modular Molding Systems - MMS for short - was founded by Peter Buxbaum in 2008.

Based on the experience in stamping, welding and assembly made during the occupation in the family business of Stanzbiegetechnik GmbH and through innovative action and unconventional thinking Peter Buxbaum created a machine system that is specifically designed for the manufacture of metal/plastic composites. That production system combines processing modules for stamping, welding and assembly from Messrs. Stanzbiegetechnik with injection moulding units by MMS.

This knowledge and the development of a non-conventional injection moulding system, which can be integrated as a module in metal processing equipment, form the corporate base of MMS.

We consider ourselves as a competent technology partner for the complete process chain from the parts development to mouldmaking and machine construction.


Peter Buxbaum (MMS) with Armin Traby (Fa. Moldmasters)


Gemeinsames Firmengebäude von Stanzbiegetechnik und MMS in Wöllersdorf