The MMS Engineering team supports customers from the beginning. Usually, as part of the offer, a metal strip layout is compiled, based on fixed parameters such as band size (bandwidth, feed) and weight of the plastic material. That pre-investment study is being optimized and broken down to detail in close cooperation with the customer and forms the basis for the plant layout.

Included are:

Evaluating of bought-in-components
Calculating investment costs and production performance
Compilation of the space and energy requirements

The offer includes the plant- and product-specific peripherals. The customer thus is provided with transparent and complete equipment and tool costs - a turnkey system that considerably facilitates the production cost calculation of the final product.
Upon request, studies are filed in existing templates. Thus a project study is available for presentation, e.g. in front of the end customer. Beyond the modular in-line production system for the encapsulation of strip-shaped metal structures, MMS offers an extensive engineering and manufacturing know-how for production units in combination with conventional injection moulding machines.


Strip layout for a plug part with determination of the metal band pattern for calculating the material input, the definition of the necessary machine technique, the mould tools and the peripheral equipment.

Plug model optimized by MMS for a project study and a filling simulation

Floor plan layout of a manufacturing cell with the supply of stampings via strip coil