MMS Hybrid Systems

Modular Molding Systems - MMS for short - connects the world of metals with plastic processing and manufactures modular production cells for metal/composite parts. The offer includes highly efficient, modular, linear transfer machines for the production of small and medium sized metal/plastic hybrid components.

Our markets:

Electrical and electronic industry - switchgears, connectors, semiconductor modules, ...)
Medical Technology
Automotive Supply Industry
Fastener Technology


The MMS-Modular System

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MMS systems consist of a customizable array of modular work stations running mounted on a common machine base. The modules can be replaced, if necessary, and / or expanded in number. Each module has its own servo motor drive. The drives are synchronized via the machine control. The MMS-production system is characterized by its, compared with conventional systems, greater compactness, with a more than 50% smaller footprint area.


MMS Hybridanlage zum Stanzen, Schweißen, Nieten und Umspritzen


MMS Hybridanlage zum Stanzen, Umspritzen, fertig Biegen und Trennen


Das modulare Fertigungskonzept – einfach mit Bauklötzen erklärt