Linear Systems


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Linear machines can be freely configured tailored to the specific task.

Through the servo-drive technology and the modular conception the processing modules can be individually combined thus matching the specific production tasks. The single modules are combined with the common chassis modules.

The hourly outputs rates achievable, depending on the materials used, are in the range of 200 parts per minute. This corresponds to an injection moulding cycle of 3 seconds with a 16-cavity mould.

The advantages of MMS-Systems

The fundamental advantages compared with the traditional "Reel-to-reel"-system are:

Less risk of rejects, as a pre-production is not necessary
Better quality control, as all production steps are carried out at one automat only
 Faster processing times and thus easier production planning
Less material input as coiling processes and loops cease to apply
Compact design, therefore lower production area required
 Reduced energy consumption through general use of servo motor drives 

The MMS Multi-stroke Principle

In order to synchronize the metal-processing stations with the injection moulding process, the patented multi-stroke-technology was developed. In practice, this means that in each case only as many strokes are performed in the metal processing stations that correspond with the number of cavities of the injection mould. These stamping-strokes are carried out exclusively during the interval time between two moulding cycles with the mould open. After completed feed-motion of the strip the injection mould is closed and plastic injected. The punching module stands still until the next ejection of the plastic parts. Other operations such as welding, bending, labelling, or assembly may, depending on the production process, are performed parallel to the injection moulding cycle.

In order to keep the interval time as short as possible, the stamping module is designed for high performance, by a fast stroke rate and the use of high-precision progressive dies.

In case, due to process engineering or time-critical reasons, it is not possible to work with the multi-stroke principle, alternatively it is possible to go with production unit with a machine-integrated loop. The advantage is that the punching operations can be carried out in parallel to the injection moulding process. The disadvantage is that an additional feed unit is required, and thus the footprint is larger, requiring more production area.


Aufbau unterschiedlichster Bearbeitungsmodule für die Hybridteilefertigung in linearer Anordnung


Lineare Hybridanlage mit 120kN Pressen zum Vorstanzen und fertig Bearbeiten sowie Kontaktschweißgerät (SBT)


Lineare Hybridanlage mit Schutzkabine um die Anlage