For feeding and riveting of contact pins two different systems are available for the application on MMS-machines

We use a riveting unit from SBT Stanzbiegetechnik. That consists of an assembly side and a grouting side and cam-controlled stamping tools, thus providing the advantages of free accessibility and a bottom line tool design.

Alternatively, MMS offers also progressive stamping dies, with the integration of the riveting operation as work step of the mould. Special, extremely compact sized, vibratory conveyors sort and convey the rivets directly into the tool, where they are inserted into the punched strips and caulked afterwards.

The advantage of the tool-integrated riveting is the smaller footprint and quick changeover, as the complete riveting unit can be changed together with the tool.


SBT riveting module with rivet feeding on a MMS hybrid machine

Progressive punching die with integrated feeding and riveting technique