We are a privately held company that is focused on the production technology for metal-/plastic-precision parts and assembly groups in small to medium sizes. Enthusiasm for solving problems and the passion for new intellectual approaches characterize our actions. We commit ourselves to a collegial working atmosphere that is open for discussion and exchange of ideas, both within our team, as well as with our customers and business partners.

In daily practice, the cooperation between our young and experienced employees is important. Therefore, we set great value upon a sound and practical education of our young employees and encourage the transfer of experience through our established staff.

Protecting the environment and conserving resources are very important to us. We aim to implement this both in the development of our machines and in the operation itself.

We see ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers. Suggestions and requests of our clients we see as a challenge and their implementation as a target.

With our suppliers, we maintain a fair and cooperative relationship and expect in return competitive pricing, reliability, high quality and fast action.