For 100% quality assurance, and to protect the tools and follow-up processes, it is necessary to integrate test processes into the production. This starts with a simple fibre optic system and camera sensors and extends to complex camera test cells and laser distance measurement.

Already with project planning the quality-related characteristics or procedurally necessary controls is considered. Important are the selection of the test medium or the lighting are important basic conditions for applying camera systems. For critical tasks pilot-tests are carried out by MMS already with compiling the offer and during preliminary design phase.

Especially for stamping parts, which are overmoulded in a second step the quality assurance of the contact areas is particularly important. Naturally the focus is on very precise sealing geometries, since damage to the punch strip here can easily cause fractures in the injection mould.

For very complex measurement tasks that must also be recorded, separate test modules or test cells are used as the test object must be protected from interference.




Camera sensors, integrated in die MMS unit

Integrated camera controller with individual monitors for each camera

Reject part (distorted pins) detected by the camera system, postioned prior the injection moulding module