Various welding systems for resistance welding can be integrated in MMS hybrid plants. These modules are available for the welding of contact-pins as well as for processing micro profiles (standard modules of SBT Stanzbiegetechnik), but also for the welding of metal bands or electronic components.

The current sources can be selected depending on application. For micro-welds these are a high-frequency inverter with a control frequency of 20 000 Hz, for standard applications mid-frequency controls with 1000 Hz control frequency.

Due to the modular design it is also possible to integrate welding cells for laser welding (ND-YAK) into MMS hybrid systems.

For further information regarding regarding the welding technology please visit the website of our partner company SBT Stanzbiegetechnik


SBT contact welding module HSG-700E on a MMS hybrid machine


Electronic components welded (varistors) on a punched tape and then overmoulded