On MMS-hybrid systems different modules are used for punching and bending tasks. These range from the 250 kN press module (same installation space as BSTA-25) to compact punching and bending modulus of up to 6 bending operations.

Tool technology:  Both classical punching tools and progressive dies (carbide-tipped) or punch-bending tools are used.

These processing modules are manufactured and supplied by Messrs. SBT Stanzbiegetechnik.

Depending on the specific processing task, these modules can be individually configurated. The drive of these modules is via one or more high-dynamic servo motors, that are synchronized electronically.

Particularly proved are stamping and bending modules with a movable cutting plate, e.g. for removing the sprue sub-distributors. Here, the cutting plate may be guided directly to the metal band, whereas, during the further band feed operation transport it will be retracted.

Small sized modules, can, similar to progressive cutting tools, simply be dismounted in the quick-change principle and used for another application.

Details about the different modules are available at our partner company Messrs. SBT Stanzbiegetechnik


Press module EP-250 on a linear MMS hybrid machine


Punching / bending module with cam-controlled units for up, down and backwards