MMS transfer systems represent a completely new system for manufacturing hybrid components which are not tied to a carrier strip.

For the parts transfer, there are two options:

a) with a rotating and servo-driven ring carrying the lower tool parts.
b) Fixed upper and lower tools with the part transfer via work-piece-carriers. The carrier transfers the metal parts into the injection mould for over-moulding

Because, with the MMS-System, in the contrast to a round table injection molding machine, only one ring and not the entire rotary table rotates, handling systems can be placed within the ring. The space outside the ring can thus be used for mounting of various processing modules. There, the metal bands can be supplied easily and simple, which are then be punched, bent and / or inserted subsequently in the injection moulding module or onto a work-piece carrier.

MMS transfer systems may also be equipped with two injection moulding modules. This allows for the production of a pre-moulding and a finished part in one machine.

Of course, also the other processes such as welding, riveting, assembling, testing and labelling can be integrated in the rotating transfer systems.

For different applications, different table sizes are available.

System example with 8 workstations, 6 processing modules, including two injection moulding modules