The injection unit

The injection unit is layed out for the precision injection moulding of shot weights ranging from 1 to 16 g. The injection moulding process is carried out in a two step operation: Material plasticizing by a servo motor-driven screw plasticizing unit (MMS-development) and the injection by a separate servo-hydraulically driven reciprocating screw injection unit. So far the injection unit is proven for processing PA, POM, LCP and PPS. Other materials are being tested. The injection unit can be flexibly mounted on multiple positions (from the top or the side through the split plane).

Multi-component applications possible

For multi-component applications two injection units can be used simultaneously. To provide for the required installation space, the injection units are combined with a 4-column clamping unit instead of the plate frame unit

Technical Specifications:
Two-stage unit with a screw plasticizing and a separate injection unit via reciprocating screw piston

Screw diameter: 18, 20 mm
Screw rotation: Servo motor (with adjustable torque)

Screw piston diameter: 12 and 16mm
Drive system:  via servo motor
Injection pressure: up to 2500 bar:
Injection speed: up to 300 mm / s
Operating temperature: up to 400 ° C


2-stufiges Spritzaggregat HIU-18-2


Spritzaggregat am Spritzgießmodul (Abb. links)      
Plastifizierschnecke Æ 18mm und Dosier/Einspritzschnecke Æ 12mm