The MMS injection moulding module

The MMS injection moulding system is part of the MMS module kit. It consists of a vertical clamping system, which has been specially designed for the transfer of metal bands, and an mounted-on injection unit

The clamping system

The clamping system is a plate frame construction with lateral openings for the transfer of the punching strip. It is available in two sizes, adapted to work with injection moulds with the plate sizes 196 x 145 mm and 246 x 246 mm.
The stroke of the clamping unit is divided into two partial strokes. The two mould halves open and close simultaneously, controlled by wedge systems and driven by ballscrews. This allows both sides to a simultaneous release of the punching strip, which can be pushed further at a constant height level.

The facts:

Available in two sizes (for mould plate
   sizes 196 x 145 mm and 246 x 246 mm)

Standardized tool sizes

Easy integration of hot runners possible

Closing system with synchronic opening
   and closing movement

Band transfer on constant height - no
   lifting mechanism required

Tool change possible by "drawer system"
   based on linear guides in the platens
   without crane in less than 5 minutes


MMS injection moulding SPM 246x246 double clamping unit


MMS injection moulding module SPM 196x146 (left) and the 2Component injection moulding module SPM 246x246-2K


The upper and lower parts of injection moulds can be removed to service for changing tools seperately.